What the Thing Was

To my loyal readers, I regretfully apologize for my absence. I’ve had a few crazy months dealing with cats, other dogs, visits to the dreaded vet and all sorts of things that have distracted me from writing in my blog.

Firstly – I’m okay. I’m missing most of my teeth, but I’m still kicking. As it turned out, that thing on my face (according to the guy that pulled out all my teeth,) was an infection caused by a bad tooth. When they checked into it more, they found that many of my teeth were pretty messed up. I guess it’s genetic. My father, Bullic had a similar issue, and as it turned out so do my mother, brother and sister. Now we’re just a toothless family of chihuahuas. You know what’s hilarious though? The teeth that used to keep my mother’s tongue in her head are gone now, so now it sticks out occasionally. I love to laugh at her when her tongue is sticking out. She doesn’t think it’s funny. Well, she never did have a good sense of humor.

So, that’s what the thing was. They cleaned it out, knocked me out, yanked out my poor teeth, and now I’m just a muppet. It’s not so bad. I kept a few in the back, so I can still chew on bones, and the Big People say my breath smells much better. I guess that’s one weapon I won’t have anymore.

Now here’s the scary part- if the Big People hadn’t made the vet take my teeth out…I could have died. Tooth infections are serious business. If you, or any of your Big People have excessively bad breath, growths around your mouth that won’t heal, or discolored teeth, go to the vet as soon as you can to get them checked out. You could save your life.

Stick around for my next post, when I tell you about my new friend, Gwen!


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