I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

This is just miserable. My Big Person came home yesterday from the magical palace of pet supplies known as PETCO with a new bone. It was a Nylabone, if I was reading my Big People Script correctly. I overheard them talking about me, and the B.P.’s mentioned something about the bones being for puppies, instead of strapping adults like myself. I ate the whole bone in about 10 seconds, and took a nap.

About an hour later, I felt a rumble in the tumble. I whimpered at the BP to take me outside – I was a ticking time bomb of churning bowels. The BP stared at her computer and waved me away. Annoyed, I crawled into the bedroom, and let loose. Not to get too detailed, but it went everywhere. From the windows to the walls, I painted everything. Even I was disgusted, and I’m a dog.

I staggered into the living room and snuggled under the covers for a while. The Big Person finally went into the bedroom, and her screams of disgust were most satisfying. She should have taken me out when I asked her politely.

All grossness aside, I’ve been feeling pretty cruddy. I’m on a special diet of rice and low-sodium chicken stock – which is actually kind of nice. I just wish my belly would go back to normal. Doggy diarrhea is no fun for anyone. I’m just trying to stay hydrated and keep my chin up.

On the bright side, I’m getting lots of apologetic cuddles and I’m feeling a bit better today.

Here’s a word to the wise for other dogs out there with upset stomachs:

  • Don’t let your Big Person give you strange bones without checking the packaging. Adult bones should go to adult dogs and puppy bones should go to puppies!
  • Tiny dogs like me should only eat one or two little treats a day. More than this can make you sick!
  • Staying hydrated is important when you’re not feeling well. Drink plenty of water. If you don’t feel like drinking it, ask your Big Person to add a little low-sodium chicken stock to some Pedialyte. It’ll help you re-hydrate.
  • Ask your Big Person to check for dehydration by feeling the elasticity of the skin on the back of your neck. If the skin snaps back, you’re fine. If the skin lingers and feels loose and inelastic, you need to get some water in you, pronto.
  • If you still feel cruddy after 24 hours, go to the vet! I know, I hate the vet, too…but it’s important. Your health is what matters.

::half-heartedly licks nose and falls back asleep::


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