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I’ve made this pig an honorary dog!

This brave young pig saved a poor goat as it struggled in the water. Personally, I hate it when I have to take a bath – I hope this guy is around next time I’m floundering in the water.

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It’s my birthday, and I’ll whine if I want to.

This whole dog-years thing is getting me down. If I were to believe the truth about dog years (and I’m not sure I do,)  that would mean that today I am 37 years old. I don’t believe it. Honestly I

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Cats aren’t just stupid…they’re weird.

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It’s Called a Manicure, Not a Dogicure

There’s something you probably should know. I hate hate hate hate hate getting my nails clipped. However, despite the great amount of hate I feel for the clipping of my fabulously long nails, no dog in this world hates it

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The Art of Persistence

It’s empty. It’s empty again, and I’m still hungry. Ok, I’m not still hungry, but I want more. What do I do? I know. I get up and wander over to the big person. She’s staring at the computer screen

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The Bodyguard

You may think I’m just a dog but I’m so much more than that don’t you know how I protect you from getting eaten by the cat? You hear that cat is purring, you think it loves you so– but

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Sleeping with the Enemy

I’ve discovered something unsettling. Cats are furry. Furry things are warm. It was an odd, cold day yesterday. I woke up as usual in a pile of blankets surrounded by warm Big People. But the Big People don’t stick around.

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The Summoning of the Cookie Bringers

Cookies in a jar up there High above the countertop Much too high for me to reach Too large a leap to hop   So it is them that I must summon to reach my crunchy prize I sit and

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All in a hard day’s work

Bark, bark, yip yap Big person yells, “Shut yer trap!” But the shadows there are all that matter, so I will bark until they scatter!   Bark, bark, roof, yip Big person yells, “Stop giving me lip!” But that statue

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Squishgiving is coming!

Holiday times are here again!       They bring with them pros and cons that I’m sure we can all agree upon.   PROS   – Food! It rains from the sky like morsels from heaven.   – Blankets!

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